Mrs. Crain's Classes...This Semester and in the Past!

In the fall of 2019 I will begin my 3rd semester teaching in the Charter school system. I enjoy using advanced thinking ideas and symbols which help unlock knowledge and make learning language arts and social studies content more fun and engaging! Standards of reading, writing, and, when applicable, social studies, are always incorporated into my classes.

I am excited to offer two sections of my "Fantastic Fables and Tales” course for the Fall 2019 Semester! I am an approved vendor with Inspire, am awaiting approval with Compass Charter Schools, happily accept vouchers, and am happy to discuss other forms of payment if necessary. In the event that a classroom is unavailable this semester, I will be providing instruction of these two courses in small group home settings agreed upon by myself and the families interested. "Small Group Setting" is defined as no more than 5 students per class.


"Introduction to Fantastic Fables and Tales" Grades 1st-3rd and "Fantastic Fables and Tales" Grades 3rd-5th Course Fees: $30/hour, payment due in full at the beginning of each month.                                            

Additional Fees or Required Materials: There are no additional fees required for this course and all materials will be provided


Course Descriptions:

The first section of my class, titled "Introduction to Fantastic Fables and Tales" is geared to the emerging reader and writer in grades 1st-3rd.  Reading and writing standards typical of these grade levels will be introduced and reinforced throughout the semester. We will be reading a delightful collection of classic fairy tales, fables, and folk tales and will learn what these types of tales have in common and how they differ.  I will use these tales as a springboard for a variety of writing tasks, including letter writing, informational text writing, and a guided fantasy based original story writing activity. 

The second section of my class, titled "Fantastic Fables and Tales," is intended for more proficient reader and writers in grades 3rd-5th.  Higher level thinking skills and symbols will be introduced and reinforced throughout the semester, along with standards and expectations typical of these grade levels. In this class, we will be reading, comparing, and contrasting a variety of familiar and different versions of fairy tales, fables, and folk tales.  Students will learn the characteristics of these different types of genres and any morals or lessons the author wished to convey.  These tales will be the inspiration for a variety of a number of writing tasks, including letter writing, informational text writing, opinion based writing, and the writing of an original tale using writing style of a particular author we will study.


Previous Courses Taught: During the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 School year I was fortunate enough to teach through Home School Campus at their Lakewood Campus!

In the past I have taught my "Advanced Thinking Using Cinderella" course, in which numerous multi-cultural, historical, and fantasty based versions of the classic Cinderella story are read, compared, and contrasted, using advanced thinking ideas and depth and complexity icons. Then, original Cinderella stories are written.

Last semester I taught my "People Who Have Made History" class. In this class, we read many biographies written about people who have made positive contributions to our world, all while learning how to pick out Big Ideas and how to identify the Supporting Details. At the end of the semester, each student wrote a biography about a famous person they wanted to learn more about, and we had a Wax Museum event, in which each student came dressed as that famous person and helped make history "come to life" by telling a bit about their lives to our audience of students and families.