Crain's Kiddos Official Classroom Website!

laughHi, Scholars! Welcome to our class website!

This is where you can find information about ME smiley...Mrs. Maggie Crain, how to contact me, our weekly class summary, and information about my classes. Just click on the titles above to reach each of these pages.


About Me: This page tells you about my LONG teaching career, my family, and other details!

Mrs. Crain's Classes...This Semester and in the Past! This page tells you what classes I am scheduled to teach next semester and what classes I have taught in the past. 

Contact Me: Visit this page to find out the best way for us to communicate with each other.

Weekly Class Summary: On this page you will be able to see summaries of what we have done in class each week and any homework that may have been assigned.  If you are absent...this is a super duper place to look Image result for open cartoon eyes and see what you have missed. I will update this website each week and here is where I will also remind you about important events going on in class, projects that you are working on, and other classroom news!



I hope that you find this website helpful!  See you in class, Scholars! laugh

                      heartMrs. Crain